2011-11-30 - Cuba - Around Hotel - Parque Central - Two Ladies

Jim McKinney Photography

This website is to share with you an accounting of the photographic work of mine.

I enjoy three thrusts:

Capturing the Nobility of Being is the discovery and recording of unique essences of individuals who are valuable and the image gives an insight into their heart.

 Societal Awareness Photography is the illumination through images – and sometimes adding voice and music – of matters we, as members of our society, should be aware. This is not advocacy but awareness for the viewer’s understanding.

Fun Shooting is the myriad other images of rambling captures of meaningful observations I discovered throughout our world.

The images posted here I found fascinating, intriguing and offering wonderment. I struggle to call these art because I believe what I saw was the art. I simply captured an image of it so I may share with you.



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